The Juries





1. Elinor Bennett     Chief Adjudicator          Wales

2. Helga Storck                                            Germany

3. Mieko Inoue                                             Japan

4. Jie Zhou                                                   China

5. Tongsuang Israngkun na Ayudhya          Thailand

6. Judith Utley                                              USA




Contestants will be judged on their technical ability as well as musicality, stage presence and programme choice.

All contestants will be given written evaluation by each member of the Jury.

The decision of the Jury shall be final.


Winner : 2009 

First Prize       :      Yeona Pi                               Korean

Second Prize  :      Aurelie Blanchard                France

Third Prize      :      Laura Peh                            Singapore

Certificates of commendation : 

                                        Linda Simanauskaite           Lithuania

                               Lee Yun Chai                       Singapore                                

                                        Ge Wei Cherry                     Singapore

Best Bach-Grandjany Etude prize awarded by Tamnak Prathom Harp Centre :

                               Yeona Pi                               Korean                                     


Winners : 2012                        

First Prize        :     Claudia Lucia Lamanna       Italy

Second  Prize  :     Kyung-hwa Kim                   Korean

Third Prize       :     WooJin Lee                          Korean

Certificates of commendation :

                               Noa Gabay                           Wales

                               Nest Jenkins                        Wales

                               Charmaine Teo                    Singapore

Best of F.Godefroid prize :

                               Naho Higuchi                       Japan

Winner of new competition piece " Lizard "  by Paul Patterson : 

                                           Nest   Jenkins                     Wales












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